AL Top

Discreet loft

Modern loft-style design is all about restraint and sophistication. Nothing distracts from focusing on the main things. No unnecessary details. The pure essence. Pure convenience, universality, usability and comfort for the homeowner. In recent years, loft style interior design has been very popular among young people. And especially among the male ones. AL Top is an excellent example of such apartment design projects.


Kitchen-bar and work-space loggia

The AL Top project definitely cannot be called banal — cunning design solutions are hidden behind visually pleasing pictures. In this project, a thoughtful ergonomic design, every square meter is used with maximum efficiency. The loggia was redesigned into a work area. At the owner's request, we redesigned the kitchen area to be more like a bar counter than a typical dining room. Space is divided into several zones — a standard solution for open space apartments.

Restrained color scheme

We have created a design project for this interior in a restrained range, diluting the dark gray background of the walls with light wooden parquet boards and furniture facades. The uniform color scheme of all areas of the apartment creates a feeling of fullness and completeness of the space.


We incorporate the individuality of the client in each project

Each LAB181 project is the embodiment of the owner's character and lifestyle. Refined style, restraint and determination of a modern man are embodied in this apartment.