Villand home 1

Simplicity and convenience

The object is a townhouse with an area of ​​100 m2 located near Kyiv. The main goal of the design project is to create a comfortable and functional interior, to make the owners' dreams of high quality of life in the suburbs come true. The interior is made in a modern contemporary style, providing simple principles of processing and decoration of premises.

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Freedom of space air and light

We have developed an eclectic, practical design for a family of four. The first floor of the house is an open space area that visually expands the premises. We tried to leave as much free space and air as possible. Large panoramic windows in the living room fill the interior space with soft sunlight, giving owners the opportunity to admire the surrounding views.


Effective use of every meter

The general layout of the house includes a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a bedroom, a wardrobe, and a nursery for two children. We aimed to create an interior in which it is equally good to rest and work with concentration.


A result that exceeds expectations

When we discussed working on the house design, the customer expressed the expectation to use one of the rooms of the townhouse as a showroom in the future. Though the result exceeded all expectations since the house found its owner even before the end of the work on the project.