Cave styling

An eccentric hermit's cell or a modern predator's den?

Everything in this interior is unusual and extravagant. The bachelor's apartment is made in the same style and is an unusual modern stylization of the Stone Age.


Single spatial solution

The walls decorated with the artificial stone flow into the stone ceiling. This technique creates a single spatial solution - an association with a cave carved out of a solid rock. At the same time, a sliding glass partition is organically integrated into the interior, separating the kitchen area from the general space. The combination of stone and textured glass creates the impression of an underground waterfall making its way to the bowels of the earth.


Natural materials and

rough processing

Natural materials are generously used in decoration and accessories: marble, leather, skins, wood, glass. The bar counter resembles a crudely hammered hut. The impression is enhanced by vertical gardening; wood decoration and bar stools stylized as felled logs.


Exclusive plumbing by Antonio Lupi

The entire interior of the project is chosen as if this apartment was hewn out of a huge piece of stone in the depths of a rock. The Antonio Lupi stone floor sink from the Paolo Ulian collection fits perfectly into the overall concept of the project.