Amber shades

The first step into your own apartment

The Lab 181 team often begins work on a project even before a residential complex is commissioned. This approach allows you to save repair time and initially lay the space layout envisaged by the design project. Amber shades project is one such object.

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Warmth saturated tones

The highlight of the Amber shades project is a bright amber accent. He, like a connecting thread, is present in all interior details, preserving the integrity of the space. The amber-golden lamps are in harmony with the golden-brown palette of curtains, the “spectral” tones of the partitions, and the walnut parquet board that changes color from dark brown to greenish shades. The harmonious combination of textures, textures, and materials in warm rich colors contributes to the creation of an unobtrusive, but at the same time, such a home environment.


The nobility of shades, materials, forms.

Gold, coffee, and an expensive shade of Marsala create a unique, luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom. Massive, at first glance, details, on the contrary, make space lighter, create a feeling of completeness of the layout — a laconic and calm design, in which it is comfortable to be and pleasant to live.


Smooth shapes and clean lines

Every detail of the apartment corresponds to the chosen contemporary style. Smooth shapes and clean lines are clearly visible in all elements of the project. Wall cabinets with frosted glass fronts, living moss trim, stylish monochrome pencil case with built-in appliances — a new, fresh look at the usual kitchen furniture. The large area of ​​the room is perfectly illuminated by panoramic windows, thanks to which it acquires lightness and volume.