F Point

Country Business Center – New Corporate Format

Designing a suburban recreational center is an incredibly interesting task. While these clubs are more often private, exclusive leisure centers, their purpose can adapt and change over time. The idea of ​​the F Point Country Club is to embody a new type of business center for corporate meetings of various kinds, sporting events, significant events, recreation, and weekends surrounded by nature. The main feature of the complex is its versatility, thanks to which every visitor will find an ideal place for work or rest.


Harmony of landscape and architecture

The unique architecture of the F-Point complex harmoniously blends the building with the environment, thanks to the dynamic lines and the use of materials that simulate the landscape. The tree on the facade repeats the neighboring pines, visually raising the building above ground level. The asymmetrical layout of the roof reproduces the relief of the territory — thanks to the use of architectural concrete, the building looks like a rocky hill surrounded by forest.

Interior as a continuation of the exterior of the complex

The use of wood, decorative panels, and vertical landscaping in the interior is, in fact, an extension of the exterior. Panoramic showcases providing the interior with the maximum amount of daylight; the design that facilitates efficient work in an informal setting and open plan — together created an exclusive center for various corporate events.


Effective collaboration space

The complex includes several spacious conference rooms with stunning views of the landscaped area, restaurant, lobby, lounge area, and parking. An informal atmosphere, combined with modern architecture and functional design, make F Point Country Club a place where productive work will bring extremely positive emotions to all event participants.